Success Stories

Retop is a renowned brand at home and abroad. Its LED screen system in various shapes acts an outstanding role in many worldwide places, such as Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong, American Disneyland, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Rembrandt Square of the Netherlands, Tokyo Racecourse of Japan, etc. Our product also performs frequently in some international top games and large scale international events, like Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Iran International Film Festival, American NBA All- Star Game, Chinese Super League, UEFA Champions League Final, Shanghai Masters Cup Tennis Tournament, FINA World Championships, Italian Super Cup League, etc.

Success Cases
1. The largest high definition LED display in the world is used at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, America. It is as large as 1486 square meters.
2. Ranking top on the list of China's Top Ten LED Display Application Projects, our product appears at the opening ceremony of 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China. It is the largest so far in the world with the area of about 9500 square meters.
3. Our center hung LED display, which has high definition and exploits the black SMD technology, is applied to the American Staples Center. Its area gets to 308m².
4. Our 717m² LED display is taken for service in the best American football stadium, Red Bull Arena.
5. The 1150m² LED display applied for the Samsung project in Victoria Harbor is the largest LED screen in Hong Kong.
6. The first center hung arc LED screen in American Tampa Sports Center is 544m² in area. This application belongs to the Chinese outstanding LED display application project.
7. In February, 2011, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center installed our center hung cube LED display which appeared in the Chinese stadium for the first time. The area of the LED screen is 233m².
8. In the Italian Super Cup matches, the first Chinese perimeter LED display as large as 208.89m² was born in China National Stadium.
9. The 231m² perimeter LED display is installed in the Azadi Stadium in Teheran, first appearing in the Iran.
10. Our 249m² perimeter LED display in Jeddah Football Club is the first perimeter LED display in Saudi Arabia.
11. Allianz Arena in Germany, the best football stadium of Europe, adopts the 208m² LED display.
12. Our LED display in Tokyo Racecourse is full of our creativity and originality. It is designed in size of 3800 square meters.