Sports LED Display Solution

With experience of designing and installing LED displays for over 40 stadiums and arenas around the world, our company has ranked many "firsts" in this area. We provide end-to-end solution which is from the content designing, operation management, to the integration of manifold media types.

Our LED screens in various forms, perimeter, fascia, main board, center hung, are becoming one of the focuses in IndyCar (American Championship Car Racing), NASCAR(National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), F1( FIA Formula One World Championship), NBA(National Basketball Association), UEFA(Union of European Football Association), NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association), and Italian Football Super Cup Final Game.

Sports LED Display Series
1. Center Hung Cube LED Display Series
2. Perimeter LED Display Series
3. Scoreboard LED Display Series
4. Fascia LED Display Series
5. Sports Live LED Display Series
6. Top Maintenance Fascia LED Display

Product Experience Support
Perfectly meets TV broadcast requirements More than 40 stadiums and arenas around the world Professional design recommendation
Real-time motion processing Creator of numerous global and regional records On-site installation instruction
EMC compliance Time-tested classic installations Around-the-clock technical support

Solution provider: design different types of products for various applications
Network Integrated Managements Functions Advertising Operations
Full HD end-to-end IP solutions Conventional stadium LED display Real-time video overlay and stitching, multi-frame support Content management

Center hung LED display for sports arenas Dynamic scoring data real-time update Broadcast control management

Entrance, exit, and off-site information LED screens Random exchange of real-time video and programmed content Marketing management

Perimeter LED display, advertising LED display Real-time broadcast monitoring Accounting management

LCD commercial screens
Revenue management
Operation analysis
1. Content Design
2. Content Production
3. Operation Management
4. Display Driver
5. Multiple Display Devices

1. Demand interaction
2. Material providing
3. Media of multiple formats

Creative Design
1. Professional design platform
2. Visual, easy-to-use design model

Completion of Operations
1. Content management
2. Broadcast control management
3. Marketing management
4. Billing settlement
5. Revenue management
6. Operation analysis

Content Generation
1. Content can be previewed
2. Finish online modification and publish

High-end Display Effect
1. Support multiple high-end video formats
2. Support HD
3. Support large screen presentation
4. Support non-standard pixel format

Comprehensive High-end Display Devices
1. LED indoor and outdoor displays
2. LED screen
3. Custom interactive terminal

1. Encoder
2. Program design and production workstation
3. Content and business operation server
4. Player
1. Main Equipment of Sports LED Screen
2. Controlling Computer
3. Video Processor
4. Fiber Optic Communications System
5. Software and Instructions
6. Removable Control Cabinet
7. Audio and Video Matrix
8. Amplifier
9. Stage Sound Array
10. RemovableDistribution Box
11. Flight Case
12. Cable Winding and Unwinding Rack
Product Application
Center Hung Cube LED Display Sports Live LED Display Fascia LED Display
Perimeter LED Display Scoreboard LED Display Top Maintenance Fasica LED Display

Product Features
Perimeter LED Display Series

1. Our independently produced 4040 outdoor SMD is available for perimeter display.
2. Products with the pixel pitch of 12.5mm, 16mm, or 20mm are available, including LED SMD and lamps.
3. Our product is ideal for outdoor perimeter systems. The soft and reliable rubber louvers are highly durable and weather-proof, which can reduce possibilities of screen damage and protect athletes.
4. Rubber louvers enhance contrast, optimize brightness, eliminate glare, and allow wider viewing angles.
5. Our multi-usage perimeters LED display can be used as a rental screen or perimeter display system for sport stadiums, which is extremely versatile.
6. The advanced LED perimeter system boasts a rugged design with adjustable foot stand. The viewing angel can be adjusted according to the size of the stadiums, which is very flexible.
7. Our product enables flicker-free reproduction of images and easy synchronization with professional camera equipment. The top-mounted soft banners offer additional protection for athletes.
8. The outdoor 3-in-1 SMD enables wide symmetrical viewing angles and short viewing distance.

Center Hung Cube Series
1.The center hung cube series of product has delivered the deepest black levels available on the market.
2. The black SMD offers vastly improved contrast levels with high brightness.
3. Our product can be specially designed according to the architecture of specific stadiums and arenas.
4. The breakthrough in design is to create a 360-degree exposure to deliver seamless images to the audience with specialized curved modules.
5. The center hung cube LED display together with the video displays, ribbon displays and scoreboards in the arena helps provide unforgettable experience for the audience.

Scoreboard LED Display and Sports Live LED Display
1. Our scoreboard LED display with ultra-high brightness and durability is designed for indoor and outdoor applications.
2. The outdoor 3-in-1 SMD LED type enables wide symmetrical viewing angles, short viewing distances, and a significant reduction in light reflections with enhanced smart shaders.
3. The true 16-bit processing and LED level calibration ensure consistent color and brightness uniformity.
4. Component selection and layout minimize heat distribution and operating temperature.

Fascia LED Display Series
1. The fascia LED display can be easily stacked in the vertical direction. It has high resolution and wide viewing angle.
2. Adopting a modular outdoor and indoor display concept, our product can be installed in buildings of any shape.
3. Our product is easy to install and the front side maintenance is very convenient.

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