Sales Service
Service Process
A. Service before Sales
a. On-site Inspection b. Scheme Design
c. Scheme Confirmation
The business personnel would survey the installation site of LED display first and then propose the related suggestions for customers about the area, installation mode, height, type and other details of the LED display screen. After that, he would work with our R&D engineer together to formulate the LED display application solution. Customers can sign the contract with us after the confirmation of the solution.
International Transport Service
Air Export
Retop provides the direct flight and transit freight cargo service through dozens of Chinese well-known international airlines in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. By establishing the close cooperative relationships with more than a dozen of well-known airlines, we can get the ideal negotiate freight rate on the premise of ensuring space. Meanwhile, the cooperation with the Hong Kong freight company supports the pallet delivery service for the airline with plenty cargo to minimize the operation cost.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
How do you tackle the fact that you are buying LEDs in batches and that the average life expectancy is 10 years?
As a close partner of Cree, Retop is entitled to order the designated bin of LEDs from Cree, especially for the ultra brightness batch. After Retop gets LEDs from outside supplier (Nichia or Cree), we're equipped to do further sorting based on our binning facility to guarantee the further narrow.
Technical Support
Description of Malfunction : The entire LED screen cannot generate light or comes out the squares.
Cause of Malfunction : 1. The control host is not started.
2. Communication cable is not well plugged.
3. The sending card is not well plugged.
4. The connection of the multimedia card with capture card and the sending card has problem.
5. The position of JP1 or JP2 switch of the receiving card is not correct.