Sales Service

Service Process
A. Service before Sales

a. On-site Inspection b. Scheme Design
c. Scheme Confirmation
The business personnel would survey the installation site of LED display first and then propose the related suggestions to customers about the area, installation mode, height, type and other details of the LED display screen. After that, he would work with our R&D engineer together to formulate the LED display application solution. Customers can sign the contract with us after the confirmation of the solution.

B. Installation and Commissioning
a. Installation Instruction
b. Site Commissioning
c. Effect Confirmation
Retop can provide a full set of LED display screen application solutions. The installation instruction is attached to the LED display when it is delivered. Meanwhile, on our official website, there is installation video for the corresponding product for reference. If the customer upon request, we can dispatch the technician for field installation guide and the commissioning to check the display effect until the customer is satisfied.

C. Training for Use
a. Details for Using the System Correctly
b. Details for Maintaining the System
c. Details for Equipment Maintenance
The processing system of our LED display is fitted with the system manual. We can also send technicians to the company of customers to conduct the training concerning the use, maintenance and repair of the system if the customer has the need.

D. After-sales Service
a. Regular Maintenance and Return Visit
b. Fast Response
c. Problem Resolving in a Timely Manner
d. Safe Use

Service Concept
Resolve the problem of customers actively, quickly and effectively to make the customer feel satisfied as much as possible.

Service Contents
a. 24-hour Hotline Service with the Number of 86-755-29516086
b. Online Service
c. Maintenance of Hardware Failure
d. Free Training for Professional Technique
e. Paid Upgrade for Hardware
f. Commission Maintenance
For the sake of keeping more efficient operation of the LED display to reduce the maintenance cost, the commission maintenance service comes into being to adapt to the new competitive environment in the market.
g. Warranty Service
h. Engineering and Technical Service

Warranty Service
Within the warranty, Retop offers the services of telephone consultation, remote technical support, on-site technical support and emergency recovery.
a. Warranty Principle: keeping promise, cordiality and fast response
b. Warranty
Within the warranty of the display screen, all the maintenance service is free of charge. After the warranty period, the customer only needs to pay the materials cost for the maintenance. We don't charge the labor cost.

Warranty Coverage
If the user has the problem that he cannot solve during the use process, he can contact us directly through telephone or fax. We would make response as quickly as possible to make sure solving the problem within 24 hours. We have configured some spare parts such as power supply and chip to shorten the maintenance time.

Under the circumstances of normal use and storage, we are responsible for the product quality. During the warranty period, we would maintain the failed product and replace the parts for free if the malfunction is caused by the quality. If the equipment cannot operate normally, the user should offer a detailed written report to us to illustrate the details of the problem.

After the completion of the project, we would conduct the lifelong persistent maintenance for the system as well as constantly improve the function of the system and upgrade of the software. As to the added hardware, we only charge the component cost.

Engineering and Technical Service
We would help our business partner establish the after-sales team. In line with the capability of our customer, Retop provides the engineering service modes including engineering service, steering commissioning, steering service, etc.

Retop's After-sales Service Process
1. Customer Calling for Repair
2. Recording the Maintenance Information
3. Technical Department Making Response
4. Problem can be solved on the phone
5. Yes
6. Patiently Answering on the Phone
7. Filling in the Maintenance Form
8. Completion of Telephone Service
9. No
10. Site Detection
11. Maintenance and Commissioning
12. Filling in the After-sales Service Form
13. Out of Warranty
14. Under Warranty
15. Under Warranty
16. Out of Warranty
17. Charge
18. Write out the Receipt
19. Repair Quote
20. Agree to Repair
21. Signature of Customer's Comments and Suggestions
22. Signature of Maintenance Service Personnel
23. End of Maintenance Service
24. Return Visit
25. Perfection of Customer's File