Rental LED Display Screen Installation
Floor Mounting
The floor mounting type rental LED display is mostly used as the stadium scoreboard, as well as the main screen for indoor or outdoor performances. It adopts the lightweight design of portable box structure, as well as the alloy support frame, thus reducing the weight of an entire screen. This type LED display can be conveniently mounted on a variety of stages and grounds.
Hanging Installation
This hanging installation type rental LED display mainly serves as the background screen for large scale of outdoor performances. It plays an important role in heightening the atmosphere. Similarly, it utilizes the lightweight design to reduce its weight. This screen needs to be mounted on the stages which have cross beams or load-bearing structure at the top.
Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Screen Installation
The vehicle-mounted mobile screen installation can make the screen be installed on the side of oversize vehicles, or on the top of small sized vehicles. The LED display mounted on the top of vehicles can be equipped with a lifting device. Based on the actual needs of our customers, the height of screen is adjustable.
Perimeter LED Display Installation
This perimeter LED display takes advantage of scaffolding design. It can be directly placed on the pitch side. By regulating the angle of scaffolding, the orientation of screen can be changed. Then, the optimal viewing effect can be achieved. Each two screens are linked by the lock catch internally built in the box. In accordance with the size of pitch, they can be combined at random.
Huge and Flexible Screen Installation
This huge and flexible screen can be either used as the main screen for large scale of outdoor activities, or used as the live broadcast in stadiums. The area of screen is usually over 3,000 square meters. The adoption of innovative net structure significantly reduces the screen's weight, thickness, as well as wind resistance. With ultra-high installation precision, our product can meet the requirement of different curved surfaces.