Quality Control System

We all know that credit comes from the product quality and that the quality is determined by the excellent enterprise characteristics. Product quality is the basis for further development of an enterprise. It plays the important role in the whole development course of the enterprise.

4 Times Check + QE + 7S= Quality Guarantee


IQA: Incoming Quality Assurance/Audit
IPQC: Input Process Quality Control
Because the checking mode that the IPQC takes is circuit inspection among the working procedures during the whole production process, the IPQC can also be called circuit inspection.
FQA: Final Quality Assurance
Also called OQC, it is the final quality control link.
OQA: Outgoing Quality Assurance
It is the check for the finished product before delivery.

QE: Quality Engineer
SQE: Supplier Quality Engineer
The SQE should know the supplier management very well, as well as supervise and assist the supplier to enhance the product quality.
MQE: Material Quality Engineer
The MQE is quite familiar with the property, storage conditions and methods of various raw materials and the semi-finished products.
PQE: Process Quality Engineer
The PQE is required to have the ability of understanding the production process of the product, analyzing and solving the quality problem during the production process.
CQE: Customer Quality Engineer
The CQE has an intimate knowledge of process flow of the customers' complaints and is responsible for writing the 8D report.