Production Base

The Shenzhen production base was started in 1997 with the registered capital of 430 million CNY. Retop goes through a series of development by producing the LED module and device initially, then the research, development and manufacturing for full color LED display started from 2000, and entering into the LED illumination field in 2009.

We focus on the specialized markets concerning advertising and brand, sports stadium, large-scale event and entertainment, as well as LED lighting and decoration to offer the diversified LED product application solutions. Nowadays, our LED products for video play are extensively applied in dozens of countries all over the world and gain the recognition gradually from the international well-known events and occasions, capturing and focusing millions of audience's imaginations.

In virtue of the continuous technical innovation and improvement of the manufacturing system, Retop has set up many classic cases in the international market which stand the test of time. We have become the representative enterprise of LED product application with Created in China and Made in China.

As the nominated LED display supplier for 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Retop shocked the world once again with the ultra large 9500-square-meter LED display screen in the Opening Ceremony on April 30th. This giant LED screen has the largest area in the world so far. It achieves multiple innovations in technical structure and becomes the center of attention of the outdoor performance at that night.

The Zhuhai production base was inaugurated in May,1996. Its registered capital is 323.2 million CNY. Located in the innovation coast of High-tech zone, the Zhuhai production base covers the area of 5919.4m² with the gross floor area of 500,000m². Integrated with the research, development, production and marketing, it is primarily in charge of manufacturing the LED illumination products. The company has multiple stable and mature production lines. Its leading products have more than twenty series with over 400 types covering the road lamp, tubular lamp, LED bulb, table lamp, etc. The main sales markets cover Japan, Europe and America, and the annual turnover can reach up to 2.6 billion CNY.

Now, the company is fitted with more than 800 working staff including a senior research and development team of over 200 technicians. Our LED illumination division establishes and promotes the strict quality management system to lay a sound foundation for the promising development in the future. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification and a series of product security certification covering TUV, CE, UL, CCC, etc.

Making the concept of being the promoter and practitioner of people's green lighting as the direction of industrial development, the LED illumination division always strives to provide more environmental friendly and more energy saving products for customers. We are intended to make contribution to the social and economic development.

Set up in October 2009 with the registered capital of 1.526 billion CNY, the Wuhu production base is mainly in charge of the production and service for the LED chip, LED epitaxial wafer, LED illumination, LED display, LED encapsulation, LED device and small kitchen appliances.

We have invested 15 billion CNY to build a complete LED industrial chain, to purchase the land of 0.43 million square meters with the auxiliary project for the plants of 310000 square meters. Meanwhile, we have purchased 150 sets of MOCVD equipment as well as the supporting patterned sapphire substrate and the LED chip production lines. The average annual sales income can get up to 20 billion CNY. We do our best to become one of the top five LED chip manufacturers in the world.

In April 2010, our Dalian production base was officially registered in Dalian economic and technological development zone with the registered capital of 757.5 million CNY.

We were engaged in the LED industry in 2009 with the total investment being more than 10 billion CNY. Now, we have been the leading LED product manufacturer with rather large scale in China. In February 2010, we signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Korean Epivally Company, launching into the R&D and manufacturing of the LED chip and epitaxial wafer. The Dalian production base came into being in this situation to support and extend our further development. It is our important R&D and production base of our LED overall strategic development.

We would build the LED chip plant, LED R&D Center, as well as the complete living facilities in the west of the Dalian Jinshi IT Science and Technology Mansion, covering an area of 150,000 square meters. After the formal production, the annual sales income for the LED chip (bare chip) can reach up to 5 billion CNY.

In addition to the LED industry, the company also takes Dalian as the most important comprehensive industrial investment base. We have the plan to invest in the high-tech industry and new service industry such as lithium ion power battery.

The Yangzhou production base was founded on December 8th, 2009. With the registered capital of 45 million USD, it occupies the area of about 195666 square meters with the first phase of 100000 square meters and the second phase of 95666 square meters. The first phase project covers the building area of 36200 square meters with the gross floor area of 110600 square meters including the factory plant of 86400 square meters, R&D Center of 3600 square meters and production building of 20400 square meters. The building density is 39.1%, volume ratio is 1.2 and the ratio of green space is 20%.

We attach great importance to technological innovation by forming a strong technology research and development team. Now, with the science and technology R&D personnel being up to more than 350, we deserve the ranking of being the first-class LED product R&D and design institution with high level and large scale. We have the capability of completing 100 to 150 product design and development projects each year. Over 30% of the product development projects get to the international advanced level, including the R&D for LED epitaxial wafer and chip, encapsulation technology, encapsulation equipment, as well as the application of the high definition LED display, super bright backlight and the energy saving lighting system.

The Bengbu production base was incepted on May 5th, 2011 with the registered capital of 300 million CNY. It is constructed by purchasing the industrial land of 400000 square meters. The gross floor area achieves 280000 square meters and the aggregate investment is 3 billion CNY mainly for the construction of the LED industrial base.

The Bengbu production base is responsible for three projects. One is the 500 LED encapsulation production lines with the annual output of 34 billion LEDs. The second is the LED lead frame project with the annual output of 36000KK LED lead frames. The third is the LED illumination products with the annual output of 130 million LED lamps. The three projects can make the annual sales income reach up to 13.98 billion CNY, contributing to the tax for about 2746 million CNY and providing jobs for over 6000 people.

Guided by the green environment concept, we devote ourselves to producing more high level products to create a green living environment.