Strip LED Display Solution

1. Control box display unit
2. REAR Maintenance: Take out the strips from the back side
3. Front Maintenance: Take out the strips from the front side
4. Control Box
5. Control Box
6. Rear steel structure
7. Light strip

1. Integrated power and signal connectors, elegant structure, accident free 
2. Accurate preset positioning holes, fixed by anti-salt, anti-rust screws, ensuring consistent space
3. Control box is used to protect power supply and control devices, which can be separated from the cabinets if neceessary

1. Sealant is used around the LED lamps for protection and the protection grade reaches IP68
2. Connectors with the protection grade of IP67 are used, so as to ensure stability of the power and signal
3. The fully sealed structure design is adopted and the protection grade of light strip framework is IP68
4. Made by special techniques, the light strip can adapt to various environments

1. Black mask increases contrast ratio and fixes LED lamps, ensuring consistent viewing angle
2. Based on the viewing distance, the viewing angles can be adjusted to present best performance for audiences
1. Data Sending Card
2. Data Receiving Card
3. LED Strip Display
1. Set up bottom steel structure
2. Install screen steel structure
3. Complete the installation
4. Install bottom strips

The smart, lightweight, flexible and yet rugged advertising LED strip display can not only show various ad videos but also give magnificent lighting effects. It can be used as a screen or creative solution based on the customer requests and the design of the building. Our customized solution team and our workshop for training your staff offer architectural LED solutions for each specific screen installation.

Our strip LED series can be made into almost any shape and size that are ideal for application in outdoor locations with large viewing distances and angles. They are available in different pixel pitches and they are for 24/7 uses. Our company has designed, produced, installed, and maintained numerous LED strip screens all over the world, especially in Los Angeles, USA and Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

Strip LED Display Application
1. A series of outdoor LED strip displays in downtown Los Angeles of the USA are designed, installed, and maintained by our company.
2. About 90% of all LED strip screen projects around Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong are designed, produced, and installed by our company.

Standard Strip LED Display Front Side Maintenance Strip LED Display Single Strip LED Display

Product Features
1. Lightweight: 30%-60% lighter than conventional displays, reducing the building load and installation costs;
2. Highly transparent: reduce wind drag, suitable for large scale installations;
3. Reliable: employ stringent and reliable material with aluminum structure;
4. Radiating: aluminum alloy housing for radiating; power and controller are separated from strips, minimizing radiating;
5. Customized design: integrated with building appearance, creating unique lighting effects;
6. Perfect for outdoor usage: robust anti-wind and water-proof design.

Easy to Install and Maintain
The modular LED strip display is easy to install and maintain.
LED strip display modules can be located randomly.
LED strips can be removed and replaced quickly.

24/7 Usage
The protection grade of IP65 and wide operating temperature range enable our products to be used outdoors in any weather conditions.
Ultra-high brightness permits operation at day and night.

Elegant Structure
The built-in specialized mounting structure and smart cabling solutions make assembly of large LED display systems easy and fast and make them seamlessly integrate into the building design.

High Refresh Rate
MBI 5042 chips, high refresh rate up to 4,000Hz

Project: Samsung Project, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Product type: ST50 outdoor strip LED display
Size: 1150sqm
Product Features: The biggest LED display in Hong Kong

Project: Bank of Communication, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Product type: ST65 outdoor strip LED display
Size: 347sqm
Product Features: More flexible and creative than conventional screens

Project: Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Product type: ST30 outdoor strip LED display
Size: 586.6sqm
Product Features: High definition video playing, waterproof IP65
Project: Lee Kum Kee headquarters, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Product Type: ST50 outdoor strip LED screen
Size: 582sqm
Product Features: The display can achieve 8,000cd/m2 brightness with 16-bit color depth
Project: AIA Central Management Office, Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Product Type: ST25 outdoor strip LED display
Size: 324sqm
Product Features: High waterproof level, high brightness
Project: MGM, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Product Type: ST50 outdoor strip LED screen
Size: 245sqm
Product Features: Ad video display in the day, TV display at night
Project : Swiss Zurich Bank, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Product type: ST65 outdoor strip LED screen
Size: 253sqm
Product Features: High waterproof grade, High brightness