LED Display for Fixed Installation
Embedded Installation
Our LED display is suitable for the small scale of indoor installation and the specially required outdoor installation. This type mounting method is able to save space and maintain an overall appearance of wall. In accordance with the screen size, a mounting hole needs to be drilled in a wall to embed the screen into this wall. Thus, the wall must be solid with a certain thickness and load-bearing capacity.
Wall-Mounted Type Installation
This kind of installation method comes without having to destroy the whole structure of wall. Through the metal framework, our LED display can be directly hung on the wall. It can be put in the place where the space is large and the overall appearance of wall is not highly demanded. Likewise, this method requires the wall to be solid and possess a certain load-bearing capacity.
Hanging Installation
The hanging installation allows our LED display to function as a direction board at airports, bus stops, and other public places. When applied in the center of stadiums, our product becomes the hanging screen. This type screen usually hasn't large area, and it requires an appropriate installation site, such as the roof with cross beam or load-bearing structure.
Upright Type Installation
The upright type installation method is applicable for the outdoor installation of advertising screen. Generally, our LED display is suitable for being mounted in spacious places, such as squares, parking lots, and both sides of roads. Considering the size of screen area, this kind of mounting method can be further divided into single column type and dual column type.
Rooftop Installation
Rooftop installation is mainly used for large scale of outdoor advertising screens. Its installation site is usually the rooftop of a building. The wind-resistant level of our LED display increases with the increasing height of buildings as well as the change of surrounding land type, such as riverside or seaside.