Rental and Stage LED Display Solution
1. LED display screen for the stage background
2. Monitor equipment and software
3. Facilities and accessories
4. LED video processor
5. Intelligent jack box
6. LED program system
7. LED cabinet
8. Enviroment monitor
9. Outdoor
10. Indoor
2. Audio and Video Matrix

3. Video Processor

4. Sending Card

5. Amplifier

6. LED Screen

7. Sound Array

As an industry-leading LED display provider, our company has assisted customers in organizing dancing party, concert, auto show, exhibition, sports party, and other activities by means of our rich experience and first-class technology. In the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, we are the only official sponsor and we provide the world's largest outdoor rental LED screen with the size of 9,500sqm, amazing guests from different countries around the world.

We are also active in international events, such as the Formula One racing, the European football League, and the Miss World contest. We make a commitment to increase investment in lease series products and to provide multi-purpose services to meet the needs of the rental market.

Based on 16 years of experience in the LED display industry, we offer you many creative display solutions. From the most cost-effective LED screen for 24/7 use to the high-end creative display screen, we have everything you want. In over 80 world capitals, our products support the world's biggest brands. We have completed more than 10,000 LED display projects. We connect the dots for you through millions of pixels and help make your vision come to life.

Key Features
Small pixel pitch, high definition design
High refresh rate: 4000Hz
High gray scale: 16 bit
8.5kg lightweight cabinet, saving transportation cost
Quick to install and dismantle, easy to maintain
Certified by UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC, and EMC
Wide viewing angle: 140º for both horizontal and longitudinal
Point-by-point correction
High protection grade: IP65
Remotely control LED display
Low power consumption: 35% energy-saving

Pixel pitch: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 20mm
Large stage, stock exchange, hotel, transportation command center, conference center, town hall, grand theatre, large party, business conference, LTV, high-end entertainment places, fashion show, building walls, nightclub, wedding scene, etc.
4mm 127m2 LED screen in Indonesia church
7.62mm 141.5m2 LED screen in Pyongyang Stadium
Luxury Culture & Art Center in Las Vegas
Mayday Beijing Bird's Nest Concert

Our LED display solutions satisfy the exacting requirements of event organizers. We deliver the best in versatile, reliable and cost-effective display technologies that convey true-to-life images both indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather or lighting conditions. We are the best choice to let you outshine in the rental business.

Product Features
1. Adopting high-quality LED chips, our product has strong antistatic ability. The brightness attenuation is low and the wavelength stability is high.
2. Our LED display is equipped with high-performance, low-power consumption driver IC. This IC consumes 65% of the energy consumed by ordinary IC, which greatly reduces the operating costs for customers.
3. The LED, modules, and PCB are produced in batches by standard technologies. They are subject to multiple testing procedures, so as to ensure the color uniformity and consistency, low failure rate, and easy maintenance of the LED screen.
4. The lease cabinet is light and thin. This enables you to install and dismantle the LED screen quickly, thus saving time and transportation costs.
5. Our self-developed patented cabinet connection locking design can realize seamless connection of the cabinets, ensuring flat and beautiful images.
6. The signal cable and power cable are connected by a waterproof joint.
7. Our LED screen has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant properties. It can be used in different climate zones in the world. With the protection grade of IP65, it can work normally in rainy days. Its operating temperature ranges from -20℃ to +60℃. The product can even work at the seaside where both humidity and salinity are high.
8. The 256-level brightness adjustment and custom white balance adjustment enable products produced in different batches to be used together.
9. Each cabinet is equipped with indicators which facilitate site usage monitoring.
10. Relevant maintenance spare parts are offered as well. They are all modularly designed and thus bring convenience to after-sales maintenance.

Solution Features
1. The large, clear live images breaks the limit of seat and makes it easier for long-distance viewing, thus presenting a visual feast for the audience.
2. Wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-ups, and the random change of various stage backgrounds show the charm of the performance to the extreme.
3. The efficient optical fiber transmission system adopted effectively reduces the signal delay caused by long transmission distance and thus ensures the consistency of the displayed images.
4. The refresh rate of 4,000Hz meets the photographing needs in different occasions and avoids the flicker phenomenon during shooting.
5. The function of adjusting brightness and color point by point makes the images displayed by the LED screen much richer, which can meet the high visual quality requirement of commercial applications. This also enables mixed use of screens from different batches.
6. Our product is equipped with professional audio and video processing system which can process multiple types of signals, such as AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI, etc. The high-quality signal processing makes it possible to play high-fidelity image signals.
7. Photosensitive control is realized by the PLC smart control unit and monitoring sensors. Brightness of the LED display can be automatically adjusted according to the change in indoor and outdoor light, which is not only energy-saving and eco-friendly, reducing your operating costs greatly, but also easier for the audience to accept it.
8. Random alignment of signal lines is supported. This can meet the arrangement requirement of the cabinet and satisfy the multi-angle, three-dimensional image needs.
9. The LED display can be installed in many ways, such as ceiling mounting, stacking mounting, and fixed assembly, to meet the layout requirements of outdoor stages to the maximum extent.
10. A LED screen is controlled by two computers at the same time. When there are problems with one computer, the other one will automatically takes over the work and ensures normal working of the screen.
11. Our product is easy to install and maintain. Professional control system and technical trainings are provided.
12. Flight cases of various specifications are equipped, which facilitate the storage and transport of the cabinet, making our product suitable for customers moving frequently.

Product Application