Advertising LED Display Solution
Major Equipment of Advertising LED Display
1. Controlling Computer
2. Video Processor
3. Fiber Optic Communications System
4. Software and Instructions
5. Removable Control Cabinet
6. Audio and Video Matrix
7. Amplifier
8. Stage Sound Array
9. Removable Distribution Box
10. Flight Case
11. Cable Winding and Unwinding Rack
2. Audio and Video Matrix
3. Video Processor
4. Sending Card
5. Amplifier
6. LED Screen
7. Sound Array
1. Controlling Computer
2. Internet
3. 3G Router
4. LED Screen
5. Lightbox Screen
1. Managing Computer
2. Controlling Computer
3. LED Screen
1. Computer 
2. Pocket PC
3. Firewall  
4. Data Server
5. Laptop
6. Internet
7. Design Workstation
8. Operating Workstation
9. Hawaii
10.North America 
11.South America
14. Africa
15. Oceania

Our company is a professional LED display provider that has 16 years of experience in the research, development, design, production, marketing, and installation of LED screens. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries in Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East, and other territories. So far, we have completed over 8,000 advertising LED screen cases, such as the 120m2 LED screen in the Rembrandt Square of Netherlands, 248m2 LED screen outside the Russian Prime Minister's Office Building, 725m2 advertising LED screen in Los Angeles, United States, and so on.

Key Features
High brightness: 6500 nits/sqm
High contrast: 6000:1
Color value: 16 bit
High refresh rate: 4200Hz
Certified by UL, CE, ETL, RoSH, CCC, EMC
24-hour video play
Point-by-point technology
High protective grade: Front IP65, rear IP54
Remotely control LED display play
Energy-saving design

Product Type
Standard advertising LED display
LED strip screen
LED curtain screen
Front side maintenance LED screen
Pixel pitch: 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 12.5mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm
Application range: Large shopping malls, amusement parks, busy streets, banks, hotels, airports, stations, exhibition halls, racecourses, etc.

Our full line of LED screens can help you turn passing crowds into paying customers!

Discover how the power of Retop's electronic message centers (EMCs) increases your bottom line:
1. A one-time investment in an LED digital display can deliver a faster ROI than any other marketing and can continue to increase your profits for years to come.
2. Merchants who install EMCs report increases in sales of daily specials of 15% to over 50%!
3. LED message centers deliver the lowest CPM of any advertising media available today. They are more efficient than yellow pages, mailings, TV or radio.
4. The LED display can give your business a professional, technology-forward image and enable you to become a recognized community icon.
5. Flexible leasing programs and fast equipment depreciation programs make owning a Retop LED screen much easier!

LED display systems from our company offer advantages that other traditional media or LED products from other manufacturers can not give you. Click on the Why Retop link above to learn why our product is your best choice.

Our advertising LED display solution includes LED screen and our independently developed LED control system. Our core control technology enables our products to give wonderful display effect and achieve the highest standards of energy-saving indicator in the industry, making advertisers achieve remarkable sustainable profit growth targets.

Product Features
1. Our product is provided with high-quality LED chip. It has strong anti-static capability, low brightness attenuation, and high wavelength stability.
2. The high performance, low power consumption driver IC adopted by our product saves 35% energy than ordinary IC, which greatly reduces the operating costs for customers.
3. The refresh rate of our LED screen can reach 4200Hz and the gray scale is 16bit. Our product has good color uniformity and the images it displays is more vivid, which meets the requirement of commercial high visual quality.
4. The high protection grade of IP65 enables our product to work in various harsh conditions.
5. The standard processing technology ensures that tubes in each line or row are at the same level. Our product is easy to maintain and the failure rate is low.
6. Our company also provides customers with relevant repair parts. These parts are all modularly designed and are easy to maintain.

Solution Features
1. PLC and monitoring sensors are used to realize photosensitive control. The brightness of our LED screen is automatically adjusted according to the change in the indoor and outdoor light. This is not only energy-saving and eco-friendly, which greatly reduces the operating costs for customer, but also is easier for the audience to accept.
2. The latest patented video processing technology is adopted, ensuring extraordinary image display effect and random in and out video conversion capability. The processible signals include CVBS, S-Video, YCbCr, YPbPr, RGBHV, DVI-D, HDMI, SDI, and VoIP.
3. Based on our rich experience in video image processing as well as high-definition signal processing and displaying, we have designed the full-color LED screen by using the patented hardware design technology and the latest audio and video matrix devices. Our product can receive and process multiple different video image signals simultaneously and display them.
4. Our product is set with high speed communication data interface and video interface, through which various forms of information sources can be introduced and a variety of audio and video input can be uniformly controlled and managed.
5. Our LED screen has dual-network lines hot backup function. It can be controlled by two computers at the same time. there is any problem for one computer, the other can automatically takes over the work, thus ensuring normal working of the screen.
6. The adopted efficient optical fiber transmission system effectively reduces signal delay caused by long transmission distance, ensuring consistency of displayed images.
7. All display information can be remotely controlled via network. This enables you to control the screens in several cities in one single place. You can change the information on the screen by just clicking your mouse. Therefore, our product can display different advertisements for different customers around the clock, realizing network clustering of advertisement display of cities and regions.
8. Our LED display monitoring software can monitor the service environment and working status of the screen. It can automatically provide the running report and it has remote alarm function. It can send the alarm information to the customers according to a preset mode, such as e-mail or text message.
9. By using the multi-function card we provide, the LED screen can be opened and closed via software timing or by hand at any time, realizing unattended operation.
10. The brightness and color of the LED display can be corrected point by point, so as to make the displayed image richer and meet the requirement of commercial high visual quality.
11. A lightning protection device is internally installed in the screen, which can prevent the screen from being destroyed by lightning.
12. Flight cases can be used for packaging. This facilitates the transport of LED screens and gives good protection to the rental control equipment.
13. We can make the screen match perfectly with the architecture by personalized creativity and artistic expression as per customer needs.

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