1. Strip LED DisplayThe product can present the video with amazingly high brightness and lighting type effect. Apart from the basic application as the display screen, it can also be employed as the creative solution on the basis of customers' requests and the design style of each building. Meanwhile, our customized solution team and the workshop for training the staff can make the architectural LED solution suitable for each specific installation.
    1. Cluster LED DisplayThe specially designed power chip installed in each cluster plays the function of making sure that the power is distributed evenly for very large LED display screen. It dramatically simplifies the data connection up to the cable and the snap-fit mounting mode. The product with the area of 9500 square meters was successfully applied to the Opening Ceremony of 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Architectural LED Display

Our architectural LED display is our featured product including the cluster type and strip type. The cluster product is applied to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo with the aggregate area of 9500 square meters, creating the Guinness world record of the largest LED screen. Meanwhile,it is also installed in the Japanese Tokyo Racecourse, Chinese Anhui and Guangzhou, Indonesia, etc. These products have been widely used in Hong Kong, America, Germany and Russia. 90% of these strip LED screens installed in Hong Kong are pproduced and installed by Retop. Till now, they are still in good operation state.

1. Extremely lightweight
The LED display is 30%-60% lighter than conventional products, which helps reduce the structure load and installation cost.
2. Customizable design
The product easily integrates with the building appearance. It can be made into any shape, any size, and can be mounted anywhere.
3. The LED screen features high transparency and good wind-resistance, and it is ideal for large scale installations.
4. Outstanding heat dissipation
Aluminum alloy housing ensures good heat dissipation. Meanwhile, the independent controller and power supply also offers better heat radiation.
5. Reliable
The superior quality aluminum material for structure construction ensure high reliability.
6. Perfect for outdoor usage
With robust wind-resistant and water-proof design, the LED display is ideal for outdoor applications.

Retop is engaged in designing and manufacturing LED display for more than 16 years, and have been successfully installed 100000 projects all over the world. In technological innovation and customer service, we are always at the leading level. Our LED display screen products can work indoors and outdoors with 24/7 working mode to deliver any information to capture people's eyes.

Terms of Trade
1. Production capacity: 10,000m²/month
2. Delivery cycle: It is determined by the model and type of products. Standard outdoor product can be delivered in 15 to 20 days.
3. Port of shipment: Shenzhen or other ports in China
4. Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, or other negotiable payment terms
5. Warranty: 2-3 years
6. Packing: carton box, wooden box or flight case

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