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Cluster LED Display

The cluster LED display is the optimum choice for outdoor architectural and decorative display. Its each pixel is connected by the flexible cables. Together with the net structure, the product would generate very small wind drag. The specially designed power chip installed in each cluster plays the function of making sure that the power is distributed evenly for very large LED display screen. It dramatically simplifies the data connection up to the cable and the snap-fit mounting mode. The product with the area of 9500 square meters was successfully applied to the Opening Ceremony of 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Meanwhile, it sets a world record with the largest LED display screen.

1. Characterized by extreme light weight, high light transmittance and waterproof resistance, the cluster LED display is the cost effective solution for large-scale outdoor display and decorative projects.
2. The one-way signal transmission allows for simple structure to re-encode the data sent cascade. It can avoid the deviation caused by the accumulation of the multi-chip signal cascade effectively.
3. The net structure of the product makes it easy to install and dismantle.
4. Connected through flexible cable, the product can be mounted to any shape at any place with extremely high flexibility.
5. The cluster LED display consumes low power even when operating between 40℃ to 60℃.

Product Details

1. Power and Signal Output
2. Power and Signal Input
11 pieces of clusters are strung into a strip by soldering.

1. Cluster Assemble
2. The cluster base is installed under the wire-netting, then connected to the cover.

The aluminum frames are linked together to be fixed into the support steel structure creating the amazing display. The installation using grid structure is robust enough to withstand the wind.

Technical Parameters
Model OTL 100 OTL 150
Cluster Pixel Configuration 2R2G2B 2R2G2B
Driving Method Static Static
Resolution (W×H) 32×1 28×1
Pixel Pitch 100mm 150mm
Cluster Size 3200mm 4200mm
Net Weight 5kg 6kg
IP Rating IP65 IP65
Power Supply AC220/110±10%, 47-63Hz AC220/110±10%, 47-63Hz
Maintenance Mode Front Servicing Front Servicing
Screen Max. Power Consumption ≤150W/m² ≤68W/m²
Average Power Consumption ≤52W/m² ≤24W/m²
Max. Current (208V-60Hz) 0.72A 0.34A
Horizontal Viewing Angle 140º 140º
Vertical Viewing Angle 70º 70º
Brightness ≥800CD/m² ≥350CD/m²
Pixel Density 100/m² 44/m²
Power Factor >0.9 >0.9
Certification UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC
Contrast Ratio 1000 : 1 1000 : 1
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +60℃ -20℃ to +60℃
Operating Humidity 20% to 90% 20% to 90%
Lifetime(50% brightness 100,000h 100,000h
Gray Scale 16bit 16bit
Display Color 281Trillion 281Trillion
Refresh Rate ≥4200Hz ≥4200Hz
Frame Rate 60fps 60fps
Brightness Level Manually Level 100
Automatically Level 16

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