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Strip LED Display

Our strip LED display is smart, light, flexible and robust. There is no limit to its size and shape. The product can work at day and night continuously. It is ideal for use at outdoors with large viewing distance. The product can present the video with amazingly high brightness and lighting type effect. Apart from the basic application as the display screen, it can also be employed as the creative solution on the basis of customers' requests and the design style of each building. Meanwhile, our customized solution team and the workshop for training the staff can make the architectural LED solution suitable for each specific installation.

1. Build the steel structure.
2. Install the first layer.
3. Install strip LED screen layer by layer.
4. Complete the installation.

1. Strip
2. Control Box
3. Backside Structure

1. The integrated power and signal connectors make the structure look elegant and ensure failure-free operation.
2. The anti-salt and anti-rust screw is mounted with accurate position to keep consistent space.
3. The contrast ratio is high. The LED is fixed to deliver consistent visual effect.
4. The viewing angle is adjusted according to the viewing distance to deliver best performance for audiences.
5. The LEDs are encapsulated to be sealed completely with the protection rating of IP68.
6. The control box is for protecting power supply and other electronics. It can be separated from the cabinet if there is the need.

Technical Parameters
Model ST65
Module Pixel Configuration 6R6G6B
Driving Method Static
Resolution (W×H) 24×1
Pixel Pitch 65mm
Size 1560×19×28mm
Cabinet Module Arrangement 1×16
Resolution (W×H) 24×16
Size 1560×1040×150mm
Area 1.62m²
Net Weight 36kg
Power Supply AC220/110±10%, 47-63Hz
Maintenance Mode Front/Rear Servicing
Screen Max. Power Consumption ≤290W/m²
Average Power Consumption ≤102W/m²
Max. Current (208V-60Hz) 1.47A
Horizontal Viewing Angle 140º
Vertical Viewing Angle 70º
Brightness ≥5000CD/m²
Pixel Density 236/m²
Power Factor >0.9
Certification UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%
Lifetime (50% brightness) 100,000h
Gray Scale 16bit
Display Color 281Trillion
Refresh Rate ≥4200Hz
Frame Rate 60fps
Brightness Level Manually Level 100
Automatically Level 16

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