1. 4mm Indoor Rental LED Display(512*512)The production of the cabinet makes full use of the physical property of the material itself. By taking usage of aluminum die-casting technology and the premium 5052 aluminum alloy, the cabinet has high precision, reliable strength and achieves seamless splicing. The specially designed periphery of the cabinet coupled with the fast locking system makes it easy for rental application, hoisting, as well as fast to install and dismantle.
    1. 6mm Outdoor Rental LED Display(576*576) Due to the specially designed fast locking system, the 6mm SMD outdoor module can be installed and dismantled quickly. There are four pairs of fast locking device on the cabinet to achieve horizontal and vertical joining with the adjacent modules. The robust stainless steel fast locking device can achieve firm fixation of the modules, resulting in the seamless image display effect.
    1. 8mm Outdoor Rental LED Display(640*640)The product is fabricated with slim structure and light weight, bringing convenience for fast transportation and installation. The adopted components have robust quality, enabling a long service lifetime. That point can be proven when the product serves on the road side or in the harsh working environment.
    1. Dance Floor LED DisplayThe flexible modular design makes the dance floor LED display versatile to form different shapes such as T unit, curved appearance, staircase shape, etc.
      The sophisticated 3-in-1 SMD technology provides the 140° viewing angle for vertical and horizontal directions.
      The surface of the product is made of the acrylic board with the thickness of 15mm.

Rental and Stage LED Display

The rental series LED display is applied more and more widely. It can guarantee failure-free running with the advantages covering easy and quick installation, transportation and long panel lifetime. Our rental and stage series products for indoor and outdoor application adopt aluminum die-cast cabinet design for rental and fixed installations. Supported by our cutting edge technology and taking the modular concept, the stage and rental series ensure perfect video and graphics performance across the entire LED screen, regardless of the shape or size.

The rental LED display screen is specialized for large-scale public activities. By considering the distinct usage, it is provided with light weight, thin structure, convenient installation as well as stunning display effect. The product includes the full color outdoor DIP type, full color outdoor SMD type as well as full color indoor SMD type. All the products are fitted with imported LED chips featuring excellent color reproduction, high brightness and contrast ratio. With the integration of the software and hardware, the display system can actualize the flexible and real-time monitoring function.

Our stage and rental LED screen meets IP65 standard and adopts aluminum cabinet which is more excellent in resistance to water, dust, and external impact than the steel cabinet. Additionally, with the adoption of the connectors and lock catch, it is very convenient to install, maintain and dismantle. The size of the product is smaller than 500mm×500mm, allowing for easier carrying and dismantling.

Our rental series product has gained a lot of praise among the users around the world in virtue of the top quality and reasonable price.

Terms of Trade
1. Production capacity: 10,000m²/month
2. Delivery cycle: It depends on the model and type of the products. Standard indoor product can be delivered in 5 to 7 days, and standard outdoor product can be delivered in 10 to 15 days.
3. Port of shipment: Shanghai, Shenzhen, or other ports in China
4. Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, or other negotiable payment terms
5. Warranty: 2-5 years
6. Packing: carton box, wooden box or flight case

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