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8mm Outdoor Rental LED Display (640×640)

The 640×640 8mm outdoor rental LED display adopts the new die-cast cabinet for rental application and fixed installation. The 8mm pixel pitch makes the product suitable for outdoor application, especially the events and shows requiring a modular and slim LED solution. By using the SMD 3-in-1 LEDs, the product can always deliver the consistent images to the audience.

1. Light Weight and Robust Quality
The product is fabricated with slim structure and light weight, bringing convenience for fast transportation and installation. The adopted components have robust quality, enabling a long service lifetime. That point can be proven when the product serves on the road side or in the harsh working environment.

2. Easy and Safe Installation
The module of the rental LED display is equipped with the side locks at the top and the bottom to achieve fast installation. The exclusive design makes it possible to pack up the 6 cabinets into one flight case to reduce the time, manpower and transportation cost.

3. Uniformity during Service Lifetime
The excellent brightness and color calibration of the product can keep the high level image uniformity and extend color balance. The radiant calibration camera comes into service to guarantee the color uniformity during the service lifetime. The high contrast ratio of 3000:1 would make the product become the focus of attention from the audience in long or short distance.

4. Silent Operation
The die-cast cabinet of the rental LED display adopts the revolutionary innovation by using the heat sink design to ensure the optimum heat radiation, allowing for failure-free operation and long service lifetime. In virtue of the 4-side cooling ribs at the back, it can guarantee high heat dissipation effect with silent operation.

5. Warranty of Two Years
With adoption of the advanced control system and display module, the data of the brightness and color are saved in each display module. Within the warranty of two years, we can offer the spare parts of the display module with relevant data.

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