1. Standard Advertising LED DisplayWith the innovative design and cutting edge technology, the standard advertising LED display is our latest product composed of the unit panel with the size of 960mm and 960mm in width and height. The unit panel is constituted of 9 smaller modules with the size of 320×320mm. This large size modular concept can be applied to build up the outdoor LED display screen with almost any size, allowing for large visual range. Meanwhile, it brings the significant benefits for installation and dismantling.
    1. Strip LED DisplayWe produce the product by fully considering various details concerning from free-form large video display to the architectural visual design. Characterize by light weight, smart design, robust quality, the product can deliver the stunningly bright video with lighting type effect. Based on the requests of customers and art style of each building, it can be taken for use flexibly as a conventional screen or the creative solution.
    1. Mesh LED DisplayThe display effect of the mesh LED display is extraordinary due to its high technical standard.
      As a result of the robust mechanical design with the protection rating of IP65 for front and back parts, the product is suitable for the outdoor and indoor application perfectly in the form of fixed installation or rental use.

Advertising LED Display

With over 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing LED display that captures your visions, your messages, your products, your style and everything you want at any time and in any place with over 8,000 of installation cases all over the world, we are always at the forefront of the industry in technology innovation and customer services. Leveraging our advertising LED solution series, you can present your advertising promotion outdoors and indoors all the time, especially in branding and digital advertising markets. Key advantages in low energy components and durable usages enable LED screen years of worry-free maintenance.

Our advertising LED display is designed to last for years. The adoption of power surge protector and signal lighting protector helps prevent the product from being damaged by lightning. The industrial computer control system is exploited to control the aluminum alloy cabinet which can resist high temperature and has no fan inside. It can allow for fast and simple on-site control on the product.

The product is also fitted with an automatic monitoring system to monitor the external environment and detect abnormal conditions. This monitoring system can also be combined with electronic computer to realize remote control, providing great convenience for end users. The product takes advantage of video processing technology which is patented. It can ensure expected image display effect and conversion capacities for a wide variety of video signals including CVBS(Composite Video Broadcast Signal), S-Video (S Terminal), YCbCr, YPbPr, RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, HDMI, SDI and VOIP.

Endowed with patented hardware design, our advertising LED display meets all special design requirements for full color display. Meanwhile, it is provided with high performance audio-video matrix switcher. Coupled with our expertise in video image processing, high definition signal processing as well as display field, the product is capable of receiving and processing different types of video and image signals, then displays them on the LED screen.

1. IPC
2. Video Processor
3. Instruction Software
4. Audio-video Matrix Switcher
5. Power Amplifier
6. Outdoor Waterproof Column Loudspeaker
7. Intelligent LED Distribution Cabinet
8. Lightning Protection System
1. Video Mosaicking Equipment
2. Video Processor
3. Audio-video Matrix Switcher
4. Signal Sending Card
5. Power Amplifier
6. LED Display
7. Column Loudspeaker

1. The product has the photosensitive control system to regulate the brightness of the LED display screen automatically in line with the change of the indoor and outdoor light. It is energy saving and environment protective, diminishing the operation cost largely.
2. The high refresh rate of 4200Hz and high gray scale of 16bit allow for vivid image display, meeting the high visual quality requirements for commercial use.
3. The advertisement content on the LED display can be exchanged at any time. One such product can serve different customers by delivering diversified advertisements at different time periods.
4. The double cable hot backup function is available by using two computers controlling one LED screen simultaneously. In the case of malfunction of one computer, the other one would take over the work automatically to ensure the normal work of the product.
5. Due to the high efficient fiber optic transmission system, the signal delay phenomenon arising from the long transmission distance can be reduced effectively. Thus, the image can be displayed with consistency.
6. All the content to be displayed can be controlled through the remote network control mode. Just clicking the mouse can exchange the content easily, thus actualizing the advertise display network cluster for the urban area and the subordinate region.
7. The advertising LED display supports the network control function. It allows you to control multiple LED screens in different cities at the same time.
8. The environment monitoring system lets you know the operation conditions of the product at any time you want.
9. Coupled with the multi-function card, the product can be turned on or off by using the software timing or manual operation.
10. According to the customers' requirements, the product is mounted onto the building with perfect match through personalized idea and artistic techniques.

Terms of Trade
1. Production capacity: 10,000m²/month
2. Delivery cycle: It depends on the model and type of the product. The delivery cycle is often 10 to 15 days for the standard indoor series product and 15 to 20 days for the standard outdoor series product.
3. Port of shipment: Shenzhen or other ports in China
4. Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, or other negotiable payment terms
5. Warranty: 2-3 years
6. Packing: carton box, wooden box or flight case

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