1. Removable Front Panel LED DisplayThe module is small and easy to handle. With the installation of the module, the cables are arranged accordingly at the rear. The defective module is replaced by unclipping or unscrewing from the front side. By reason of the screws on the front side, there is a limit to the possible minimum pixel pitch. However, the small pixel pitch of 16mm can still be realized through the careful design.
    1. Pop-up Stand LED DisplayThe LED module of the pop-up stand LED display is hinged to the cabinet. It can be released through removing two masks and then using the special key to unlock the lock. Supported by the hydraulic cylinder or the safety strap, the LED module can actualize turning over to allow the electronics to be repaired.
    1. Flip-up LED DisplayThe flip-up LED display exploits the safety strap to secure the cabinet face.
      The LED tiles and other sub assemblies can be added with the safety chains.
      The product allows for full access to the servicing of the electronics.
      The cables can be routed internally resulting in a neat layout.
    1. Front Removable TileThe front removable tile is fabricated by accessing to the internal electronics through removing the LED tile from the front. The servicing can be carried out via the hole at the left of the cabinet. Though the cabinet is a standard design, there is the only difference lying in that the LED tile is mounted from the front not the inside.

Front Maintenance LED Display

With our front maintenance LED display being launched into the market, customers are no longer limited to the traditional LED screen with rear maintenance service. The front maintenance mode has the pop-up type, flip-up type and front removable type.

The product with removable boards maintenance service has slim body and can save the time, cost as well as the space largely. It replaces the past traditional LED screen needing long-winded and complex back service.

The front maintenance LED display takes advantage of opening design for the front panel. The connection between the panel and cabinet is carried out through the screw, allowing a compact and beautiful structure of the whole product. The LED display module of the product is mounted and maintained from the front panel directly instead of the inside of the ordinary product. The slim body and light weight are conducive to the installation, maintenance, as well as the reduction of the cost for production and after-sales service.

Meanwhile, our product has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish due to the adoption of digital precision molding process and distinctive surface treatment technology. Moreover, the front maintenance LED display exploits the most popular DVI interface, thus enabling the product to be easily compatible with the common display system to form the unified digital display and control system. Characterized by the unique design, excellent quality and low price, our product is more and more popular in the market and praised highly by the customers at home and abroad.

1. The product can access to the internal structure by removing the LED cabinet from the front, and then operate through the left hole in the cabinet.
2. It has the limited minimum pitch which is possible with the system because screws are used from the front.
3. The minimum pixel pitch of the product can be 16mm through delicate design.
4. Safety chains can be attached to cabinet inside.
5. The front maintenance LED display just needs very small space behind the cabinet for structure, cables and ventilation.
6. Its size is unlimited and the cost is the lowest in the front service system.

Terms of Trade
1. Production capacity: 10,000m²/month
2. Delivery cycle: The specific delivery cycle varies with the model and type of the product. It is 5 to 7 days for the standard indoor products and 10 to 15 days for the standard outdoor products.
3. Port of shipment: Shanghai, Shenzhen, or other ports in China
4. Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, or other negotiable payment terms
5. Warranty: 2-5 years
6. Packing: carton box, wooden box or flight case

Apart from the front maintenance LED screen, we also supply the LED screen of mesh type, outdoor use type, floor use type, and more.

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