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Strip LED Display

Our strip LED display is fabricated with different pixel pitches. We produce the product by fully considering various details concerning from free-form large video display to the architectural visual design. Characterize by light weight, smart design, robust quality, the product can deliver the stunningly bright video with lighting type effect. Based on the requests of customers and art style of each building, it can be taken for use flexibly as a conventional screen or the creative solution.

Aiming to each specific installation, our customized solution team and the workshop for training your staff can provide the architectural LED solutions. Taking the advantage of being constructed with almost any shape and size, the strip LED display is very fit for the application indoors and outdoors with large visual range. Meanwhile, it can work continuously for a very long time.

We have sold our product to many countries and regions around the world such as American Los Angeles and the Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong. Almost 90% of the strip LED screens in the landscape of Victoria Harbor are provided by us, such as the Samsung Project which adopts the largest LED screen in Hong Kong.

1. The brightness of the strip LED display exceeds 5000nit.
2. The product allows for extremely high light transmittance. It can match with the style of the building without affecting its structure.
3. Its protection rating for front and rear parts is IP65 and the operating temperature has a wide range. The product is strong enough to be applied outdoors to resist any weather condition.
4. Thanks to the built-in mounting structure and smart cabling solution, even the large system can be assembled fast and simply. The cables are arranged to be hidden inside, making the structure look more clean and nice.

Installation Steps

1. Set up steel structures.
2. Install the first layer.
3. Install the strip LED screen layer by layer.
4. Complete the installation.

Product Structure

1. Strip
2. Control Box
3. Backside Structure

1. The integrated power and signal connectors allow for elegant structure with zero accident rate.
2. The screw is anti-salt and anti-rust. It is mounted with accurate position to keep consistent space.
3. The contrast ratio is high. The LED is fixed to deliver consistent visual effect.
4. In line with the viewing distance, the viewing angle can be adjusted to present best performance for audiences.
5. The LEDs are encapsulated to be sealed completely with the protection rating of IP68.
6. The control box plays the function of protecting power supply and other electronics. It can be separated from the cabinet if there is the need.

Technical Parameters
Model ST40 ST50 ST65 ST76.2
Module Pixel Configuration 3R3G2B 4R4G3B 6R6G6B 8R8G8B
Driving Method Static Static Static Static
Resolution (W×H) 32×1 30×1 24×1 20×1
Pixel Pitch 40mm 50mm 65mm 76.2mm
Size 1280×19×28mm 1500×19×28mm 1560×19×28mm 1524×19×28mm
Cabinet Module Arrangement 1×32 1×16 1×16 1×16
Resolution (W×H) 32×32 32×16 24×16 20×16
Size 1280×1280×150mm 1500×800×150mm 1560×1040×150mm 1524×1219.2×150mm
Area 1.64m² 1.2m² 1.62m² 1.86m²
Net Weight 40kg 38kg 36kg 35kg
Power Supply AC220/110±10%, 47-63Hz
Maintenance Mode Front/Rear Mode
Screen Max. Power Consumption ≤320W/m² ≤320W/m² ≤290W/m² ≤290W/m²
Average Power Consumption ≤110W/m² ≤110W/m² ≤102W/m² ≤102W/m²
Max. Current(208V-60Hz) 1.62A 1.62A 1.47A 1.47A
Horizontal Viewing Angle 140º 140º 140º 140º
Vertical Viewing Angle 70º 70º 70º 70º
Brightness ≥6000CD/m² ≥6000CD/m² ≥5000CD/m² ≥5000CD/m²
Pixel Density 625/m² 400/m² 236/m² 172/m²
Power Factor >0.9
Certification UL,CE,ETL,ROSH,CCC
Contrast Ratio 1000 : 1
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Operation Humidity 20% to 90%
Lifetime (50% brightness) 100,000h
Gray Scale 16bit
Display Color 281Trillion
Refresh Rate ≥4200Hz
Frame Rate 60fps
Brightness Level Manually Level 100
Automatically Level 16

25mm Strip LED Display
Designed for outdoor advertising application to display the large scale rooftop logo or as the architectural screen on business building, the product adopts the modular concept to be constructed into the conventional LED display screen or the creative architectural screen with customized shape and size.

1. High definition
The product can deliver the high definition images on the basis of keeping light weight, thin thickness and high light transmittance. Such product is the unique one in the market.
2. Front maintenance
Fabricated by adopting the front maintenance mode, the modular LED strip can be installed or dismantled from the front side of the display structure, making the whole installation and maintenance work become much easier with less cost.
3. Unique exterior structure
The unique exterior structure allows the 25mm strip LED display to adapt to a variety of exterior wall structure. The arrangement for the power cables and signal wires is the concealed type for a clean and nice layout, which can also ensure the maximum light transmittance for installation on the glass wall.
4. All-weather operation
Made of the 6063-T5 fire-proof aluminum alloy, the LED strip cabinet is coated with the weather resistant material. The protection rating of the whole display structure can reach up to IP65. The support frame is so firm that it can withstand the tropical storm completely. Furthermore, the interior of the LED strip is encapsulated with the protection rating of IP67 for further protection.

1. Inlet port     2. Fixed ring     3. Active latch     4. Retaining slots

1. Outlet port      2. Active latch (1)      3. Active latch (2)      4. Fixed ring

Technical Parameters of OTL25 Product
Model OTL25
LED Type DIP(346)
Module Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Driving Method Static
Resolution (W×H) 48×1
Pixel Pitch 25mm
Size 1200×15mm
Cabinet Module Arrangement 1×32
Resolution (W×H) 48×32
Size 1200×800×180mm
Area 0.96m²
Net Weight 25kg
Power Supply AC220/110±10%, 47-63Hz
Maintenance Mode Front/Rear Mode
Screen Max. Power Consumption ≤460W/m²
Average Power Consumption ≤180W/m²
Max. Current (208V-60Hz) 2.6A
Horizontal Viewing Angle 120º
Vertical Viewing Angle 120º
Brightness ≥5000CD/m²
Pixel Density 1600/m²
Power Factor >0.9
Certification UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC
Contrast Ratio 2000 : 1
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%
Lifetime (50% brightness) 100,000 h
Gray Scale 16bit
Display Color 281Trillion
Refresh Rate ≥3500Hz
Frame Rate 60fps
Brightness Level Manually Level 100
Automatically Level 16
Product Application
Outdoor LED Screen on the Mansion of Bank of Zurich in Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong Outdoor LED Screen in Tsim Sha Tsui Pier of Hong Kong
MGM Outdoor LED Screen in Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong Outdoor LED Screen on the Mansion of Bank of Communications in Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong

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