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Standard Advertising LED Display

With the innovative design and cutting edge technology, the standard advertising LED display is our latest product composed of the unit panel with the size of 960mm and 960mm in width and height. The unit panel is constituted of 9 smaller modules with the size of 320×320mm. This large size modular concept can be applied to build up the outdoor LED display screen with almost any size, allowing for large visual range. Meanwhile, it brings the significant benefits for installation and dismantling.

Installation through Screws and Welding Installation Schematic

Product Introduction
1. Standardized panel and versatile usage
The unit panel of the standard advertising LED display has three kinds with the pixel pitch of 10mm, 16mm and 20mm. The difference of the pixel pitches is resulted from the change of the PCB board and mask. The unit panel offers a cost-effective display solution for outdoor usage. It is characterized by light weight, high brightness, extremely high precision and excellent color uniformity.

The square shape product can be composed from the unit panel with the proportion of 16:9 and 4:3. The LED boards and driving boards are combined for deployment. The related auxiliary circuit is integrated to reduce the components and connectors. Thus, the reliability and stability can be enhanced. Meanwhile, the soldering between the LED boards and driving boards can be ensured with no error.

2. Seamless design
Generally, the panel weighs 55kg. But our unit panel only weighs 45kg with its depth of 120mm. That brings the benefits for the transportation and maintenance. The seamless design allows for complete invisible gap, making the standard advertising LED display deliver the image and video with extraordinary effect. Meanwhile, our unit panel sets the new benchmark for the marketplace in terms of the accuracy. With the diagonal less than 0.2mm, our unit panel is much superior to the general panel whose diagonal is often 2mm.

3. Robust compact resistance
For the purpose of installing the module easily and firmly, the surface of the unit panel is designed to be flanging. By leveraging such design, the panel is endowed with the extremely high durability, robust compact resistance, excellent anti-bending strength as well as enhanced intensity which can be 50 times higher than that of the general panel.

4. Perfection for outdoor usage
The unit panel has a wide application range involving diversified occasions such as the entertainment venue, sports stadium and shopping mall. Featuring high resolution and high brightness, it can keep high contrast level even in strong sunlight. Meanwhile, the high refresh rate allows the unit panel to show the image shot by professional camera fluently and stably, guaranteeing no missing of visual information.

5. Consistent uniformity over time
Playing the function of slowing down the aging process, the enhanced epoxy resin is adopted for providing high reliability of the unit panel working in humid conditions. The first-class calibration technology can carry out the calibration for color and brightness simultaneously before display delivery. Thus, the display uniformity and stability can be ensured with consistency over time. With the combination of calibration technology and our advanced control system, the standard advertising LED display can present remarkable images for the audience in any conditions for outdoor application.

6. High cost efficiency
The unit panel is very popular in the market for use as the LED display screen by reason of the cost effective daily operation. The upgrade and replace for modules can be carried out simply with little cost. After the service for several years, the old module can be upgraded and replaced without changing the original structure. In addition, the production period can be shortened to only two weeks due to the mass production.

Technical Parameters
Model OTL10 OTL16 OTL20
Module Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Driving Method 1/4 dynamic scan 1/4 dynamic scan 1/2 dynamic scan
Resolution (W×H) 32×16 20×20 16×16
Pixel Pitch 10mm 16mm 20mm
Size 320×320×34mm 320×320×34mm 320×320×34mm
Cabinet Module Arrangement 3×3 3×3 3×3
Resolution (W×H) 96×96 64×64 48×48
Size 960×960×120mm 960×960×120mm 960×960×120mm
Area 0.92 m²
Net Weight 35kg (Aluminum)/44kg (Ferrum)
Power Supply AC220/110±10%,47-63Hz
Maintenance Mode Rear Mode
Screen Max. Power Consumption ≤981W/m² ≤1151W/m² ≤981W/m²
Avg. Power Consumption ≤694W/m² ≤814W/m² ≤694W/m²
Max. Current (208V-60Hz) 4.46A 5.23A 4.46A
Horizontal Viewing Angle 140º 140º 140º
Vertical Viewing Angle 50º 50º 50º
Brightness ≥5600CD/m² ≥7000CD/m² ≥6000CD/m²
Pixel Density 10000/m² 3906/m² 2500/m²
Power Factor >0.9
Certification UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC
Contrast Ratio 3000 : 1
Operating Temperature -20℃ to + 60℃
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%
Lifetime (50% brightness) 100,000h
Gray Scale 16bit
Display Color 687billion
Refresh Rate ≥4200Hz
Frame Rate 60fps
Brightness Level Manually Level 100
Automatically Level 16
Product Application
Gaoxiong Road in Qingdao City of Shandong Province Outdoor LED Screen with Pixel Pitch of 20mm and Area of 120m² in Holland Rembrandt Square
Outdoor LED Screen in Xiping Village Marriott Hotel in Downtown of American Los Angeles 3

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