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High Precision LED Display, High Resolution High Definition LED Screen

The history of high precision LED display is short, while its marketing share has been increased surprisingly. For a long time, the traditional DLP display holds the most part of the indoor display market. But the high resolution high definition LED screen will lead the market in no time with its advanced technology. There is a great potential market for high precision LED displays which can be widely used in industries such as broadcasting, traffic control, security surveillance, electric system, military, water system, etc.

1.Hand Grip
2.Customized Logo
3.Heat Dissipation
4.Top Hand Grip
5.Power Port
6.Locating Pin

The wave-shaped locating pin offers great elasticity and buffering effect. This, coupled with the plastic strips bonded onto the sides of the LED cabinet, can effectively avoid damages to the LED display caused by external pressure. The installation of the LED screen can be conveniently finished through adjustment of locating pins, left and right adjustment of screws, as well as front and back adjustment of connection straps. Adopting die-casting technology, and the whole cabinet is made of cast aluminum. Natural convection heat radiation on the back, fan-free design, lead to an ultra quiet operation.
The high precision LED display screen supports signal transmitting through the PCB boards, which requires no wires and less components. Easy installation and disassembly for transportation thanks to the simple structure. The inside cabinet is designed as 3 layers for less usage of components, which leads to a reasonable layout for the whole cabinet.

1.Low Maintenance Cost
2.High Efficient LED
3.High Definition
4.High Grey Scale
5.High Contrast Ratio
6.Auto Adjustable Brightness
8.Multi-Channel Video

Product Feature
1. Innovative and Leading LED Packaging Technology (Non-bracket Molding)
2. Unique Electronic Circuit Design Contributes to the High Grey Scale of the Display Screen
3. The Smallest SMD 0404 LED based on 7×7, 5×7 Chip Technology

4. High Refresh Rate, No Delay
The high precision LED display screen delivers stable images without any ripple or black shadow. It displays dynamic images with sharp edges and great dynamic performance, thus authentically reproducing the exquisiteness and smoothness of videos. Bases on these, it brings viewers fantastic visual enjoyment. Great LED uniformity without any delay, and grey scale to 16 bit, contribute to vivid image display. The LED video screen can also realize remote wireless control.

LED Display Projection Display

5. Calibration
The LED display screen supports brightness and color calibration, which improves the consistence and solves the problems of image degradation over time.

6. Highly Efficient Power Supply, More Energy Saving
The highly efficient power supply with PFC function effectively decreases the interference from components and reduces energy consumption. Thus the power use efficiency is improved.
7. Low Cost for Maintenance
With years of manufacturing and unique structure design experience, a long lifetime application is guaranteed. All our high precision LED displays have low fault rates. Even when there are problems, they only need maintenance for small parts with little cost.
8. High Grey Scale
To get brilliant grey scales, LED display should pay more attention to its chips and drive systems. The best indoor LED screen can deliver fantastic images even in a dim environment. Our line of high resolution LED screen is just the one.

Technical Specifications of the High Precision LED Display
Model OTL2.5 OTL2.0 OTL1.5
LED Type SMD 0404 SMD 0404 SMD 0404
LED BOARD Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
LED Drive Method 1/24 dynamic scan 1/30 dynamic scan 1/32 dynamic scan
Pixels 96×48(W×H) 120×60(W×H) 160×80(W×H)
Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 2.0mm 1.5mm
LED Board Size 240×120×10mm 240×120×10mm 240×120×10mm
LED Boards 8 8 8
LED MODULE Pixels 192×192(W×H) 240×240(W×H) 320×320(W×H)
Module Size 480×480×98mm 480×480×98mm 480×480×98mm
Module Area 0.2304m2 0.2304m2 0.2304m2
Net. Weight 8.0kg 8.0kg 8.0kg
Power AC220/110±10%, 47~63Hz
Serviceability Rear service
LED Display Max. Power Consumption ≤540W/m2 ≤540W/m2 ≤730W/m2
Avg. Power Consumption 180W/m2 180W/m2 245W/m2
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Min. 50% Brightness) 140°
Vertical Viewing Angle (Min. 50% Brightness) 140°
Brightness ≥ 1,000cd/m2 ≥ 1,000cd/m2 ≥ 1,000cd/m2
Pixel Density 160,000/m2 250,000/m2 444,444/m2
Power Factor >0.95
Certifications UL, CE, ETL, ROSH, CCC
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1
Operation Temperature -20ºCto+60ºC
Operation Humidity 20%to90%
Lifetime (50% Brightness) ≥100,000 Hours
Image Processing 14 bit
Colors 281 trillion
Refresh Rate ≥2400 Hz
Frame Rate 60 fps
Brightness Level Manually 100 levels, automatically 16 levels.
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